BORDEAUX: an introduction to wine tasting at the chateau

visit and tasting wine Bordeaux Chateau


Château Bardins, a beautiful 19th century construction, awaits you at the end of the driveway, nestled behind a backdrop of greenery.

The location is just a stone’s throw from Bordeaux, and is accessible by the city’s bus link (number 15). This vineyard is easily within reach of the city – yet as soon as you arrive, you feel like you’ve been plunged into the countryside, with the family-owned Chateau and adjacent farm. Once upon a time this land was used for mixed farming, but has been transformed over recent decades for exclusive AOC Pessac-Léognan wine production.

Visit in bordeaux - Château Bardins

Before getting down to the real business

Bordeaux: Tour and Wine Tasting Workshop 

you’ll start by taking a tour around the vineyards. Here you get to know more about the soil and its influence on the grapes produced. You’ll learn how the grapevines are grown (because, of course, wine is made from grapes!). For excellent wines, the key is excellence in the vineyards – which leads to good, ripe grapes.

Next up we’ll take a trip to the wine warehouses. The wine-making process is structured around the moment of the harvest – when the sugar from the grapes is gently turned into alcohol. This is more famously known as the process of alcoholic fermentation! We’ll then go down to the wine cellars, where wine is stocked and conserved in barrels for many months before bottling.

Last but not least we come to the wine tasting room.

Everything is ready and waiting to excite and surprise your taste buds.

Visit and tasting wine bordeaux

We’ll begin with a game where you have to identify tastes, scents, and flavours in produce other than the wine. It’s great fun!

Then comes the moment of truth – the wine tasting. First off we have dry whites, followed by red wines. Some people manage to draw comparisons straight away between these wines and the scents from earlier on. All in all, you’ll discover that everyone is a pretty good wine taster – you just need to trust your own palate!

Dégustation de vins de Bordeaux


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